Ariana Grande - main thing (official audio)


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    "main thing” from Positions (Deluxe). Listen & download here:
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    Video Created By: Katia Temkin

    Official “main thing” Lyrics:
    You on your way it’s a Friday night, hear the rain outside yeah
    Its rose on ice, candlelight and I’m feeling nice
    Anything you like boy you know it’s on me
    Been a minute since I tasted something so sweet
    Always pull up when I call you, call you
    Yeah you never keep me waiting, waiting
    Got me tripping I adore you, I adore you
    Oh baby
    You, oh you’re really different baby
    You, you might be the main thing baby
    It’s time to go take it nice and slow, tip toe to the bedroom
    Lookin at me like when it’s cold you gon keep me warm
    All I wanna do is spend my time with you
    Even when the learnings done and nothings new
    Always pull up when I call you, call you
    Yeah you never keep me waiting, waiting
    Got me tripping I adore you, I adore you
    Oh baby
    You, oh you’re really different baby
    You, you might be the main thing baby
    You, oh you’re really different baby
    You, you might be the main thing baby
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    1. Glossy•Boca

      She will never know how much these songs are helping a lot of people out during this whole lockdown.... including me

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      Edwin stone love you love

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      ariana grande I love you very much you are loud and you are an amazing person

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      ariana you are my inspiration to start a music career... I love you

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      I know that it’s not your first time here.😜

    10. Michygamer89 XD

      Arina I've been watching you since you did Sam and cat you remember I'm a big Italian fan of yours❤️❤️❤️You're a big one you understand by the name Ariana Grande in Italian means great

      1. Michygamer89 XD

        You put a heart in me

    11. aurelie lili

      Ariana grande je t adore t est la meilleure ❤ Bisous de la Réunion

    12. Subarno Raquib

      ahh I wish this was another minute long!

    13. Subarno Raquib

      IN LOVE.

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    15. Sofía Zúñiga

      best song from positions deluxe

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      coming back to listen again 😩🤞

    17. Salam Hajo

      Beech went from having a bad idea to going straight to the main idea

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      Amo a Ari mais as música tá tudo igual ._.

    20. Anna

      "dEaR dIaRy, ItS mE aGaIn AnD i KnOw ThAt YoU hEaRd ThIs BeFoRe, DoNt LaUgH aT mE iTs aLl mY fRiEnDs ToO, tHiS tImE iM mEnTalLy ReAdy To Go" 😭 sorry I can't get it of my mind 😭

      1. Lyrics N More

        Me toooo

    21. Mommy Marlin

      𝘐 𝘭𝘰𝘷𝘦 𝘈𝘳𝘪𝘢𝘯𝘢 𝘴𝘩𝘦 𝘪𝘴 𝘢𝘭𝘸𝘢𝘺𝘴 𝘨𝘰𝘯𝘯𝘢 𝘣𝘦 𝘮𝘺 .•♫•♬•Favorite•♬•♫•.𝘴𝘪𝘯𝘨𝘦𝘳.•♫•♬•!!!•♬•♫•.

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      More auditory shit, the donut lick has done it again

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      she is tooooo much for us, i need to say it

    34. -grape-

      Im a Big fan 🥺 i hope Ariana Grande see my comment- this song beautiful and soft

    35. Beautynghtmare xx

      Omg i am in love 😭😭♥️

      1. Harlie

        Me too 😭❤❤

    36. Ernesto Castro

      I can never listen to this the same way without die for you by The Weeknd as the next song to be played.

    37. Lothar Silwester

      Ari are so beautiful on this picture and she is the best pirson on the world. Love she❤

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    39. Leena The Ariana Grande Fan I like the old Ariana Grande. I mean, I don’t hate her right now but she was so fun and cheerful back then. I wish I could see her have as much fun right now. THwikis be recommending this to me 9 years later. Btw, I love her dress. She always used to wear those kind of dresses.

    40. Cherisse Pereira

    41. Patricia Orozco

      You on your way its a friday Night hear da rain outside yeah its a Rose on Ice candlelight and im feeling nice enything u like Boy u know its on me been a muinitue since ive tasted something soo sweet oh i pullup when i call u call u yea u never keep me waiting waiting got me triping i adore u i adore u ohhhhhh oh baby uuuuuu no ur really different baby uuuuuu u might be da main thing baby its time to go tiking it so so tiptoe outside the bedroom looking at me like when its Cold and You gon keep me warm all i wanna do is spend my time with u e ven when the learnings done and nothingscute pullup when i call u yea u never keep me waiting waiting got me triping i adore u i adore u ohhh baby no ur really different baby uuuuuu u might be da main thing baby.uuuu no ur really different baby uuuuuuuuu u might be da main thing baby.. Main thing lyrics

    42. Patricia Orozco

      She makes my quarintine betterrrrrr i love her and how she harmonises those lyrics💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝

    43. eloiza & yasmin

      Ariana i. Dont like paige nilmann. O like your música videos

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      I can't handle on my own Just pick up the phone My life is in danger zone Cuz now I'm all alone - 😏 (Why are you afraid of me?)

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    55. ARMY #armyskookie

      I just love it ARIANA QUEEEEEENNNNNN

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      this is the pete davidson of this album

    57. Rocuma Cumenator

      It should be law to equip all homes with a 10 tonne water tank, incase of drought. And that's the minimum number.

    58. Katie Witherkay

      i can't believe people actually think the Positions album is basic? like how?? this album is beautiful and I've never heard anything sound like this before

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      I'm just a big fan of Ariana Grande but I'm Brazilian I really like Sam and cat

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    76. potterhead

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      Hey Ariana please can u do a q and a I love you sm ur such a good singer and actor I love when you act as cat it’s so cute 🥺💖

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      I wish I could get this song as a tattoo

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      2. Lyrics N More

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      I respect myself because I am from the time she was Cat :3



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      we need a music video of her speeding in the car bopping to this when the beat drop❤️❤️❤️

    87. yon

      I never listed to any other song than problem since 2014 but god damn her voice is amazing

    88. [Melanie Material]



      Ariana grande when are you going to perform in South Africa it fells like you do not care about your fans is South Africa

      1. SSSNIPERWOLF2.0

        I just do not understand we are also fans of you but why am I even comenting you are not even going to see this

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